Saturday, October 23, 2010

Consignment tax increase plan

In the consignment business, although some of the consignee and commission fees charged to sign a form of sales agency contracts, but often the actual consignment Shiyou unilateral increase sales, create sales agency handling charges means neither act nor be deemed to buyout way, not only can not be in accordance with "Accounting System" under conventional accounting procedures and tax issues are also easily divided.

There is a view that the consignment entrusted to unilaterally increase sales of some of the goods required to pay sales tax increase, that is entrusted with the party's tax basis to calculate and pay sales tax in addition to sales agency contract than the agreed consignment fee, plus the fare to part. The reason: the tax law under the business tax, sales tax revenue calculation should include all business activities to obtain price and other charges. Increase sales agency essentially still a consignment business, acquired in the consignment business interests belong to the consignment business income, so the fare increase as a sales agency fee income should be paid part of the business tax. As the external sales of goods must also calculate and pay the full value-added tax equivalent sales, which makes part of both the burden of the VAT increase, but also the burden of the sales tax, some taxpayers so the tax burden too heavy and complaining, but do not know Tax What has gone wrong. To this end, the author increases sales agency with case describes conduct tax planning.

First, practical case

A Company and B Company are the general taxpayer, early in December 2005, A commissioned B sells 10 units of televisions, sales agency contract, each sale price of 2,340 yuan (not including tax price of 2000 dollars) per sale a, A paid B Company 100 consignment fee. But B will the selling price of each TV without authorization increased to 2,440 yuan (tax included), each TV will increase the retail price of 100 yuan. To 12 at the end, B TV Sales End 10 A company issued a charge to 1,000 yuan fee billing invoices, while the sales after deducting the commissions paid 22,400 yuan remitted to A Company.

Accounting Treatment of the following (assuming the price by receiving account):

1.12 When goods received in early commission basis:
By: entrusted with the consignment of goods (to receive price) 20000
Credit: consignment of goods shall (receive value) 20000

End 2.12 Sale Ends TV:
By: bank deposits 24 400
Loans: the main business income 20854.70
Tax payable - VAT
(Tax) 3545.30

3. Carry-over operating costs:
By: Operating Costs (Acquisition Price) 20000
Credit: commission basis commodities (price received) 20000

4. A firm received issue special VAT invoices:
By: consignment of goods shall (receive value) 20000
Tax payable - VAT (sales tax into) 3400
Credit: Accounts Payable - A company 23400

5. A carry-over due from the company's fee:
By: Accounts Payable - A Company 1000
Credit: Other operating income
- Shopping Service consignment Revenue 1000

6. A company shall pay the remainder when sales agency:
By: Accounts Payable - A company 22400
Loans: bank deposits 22 400

7. Provision charges sales tax revenue (other surcharges, charges omitted):
By: Business Tax and the additional 50
Loan: Tax payable
- Business tax payable 50

Thus, B company achieved sales of consignment sales of goods not only in full accordance with the tax law provision for output tax (including the increase in part), and its implementation consignment fee income of 1,000 yuan to tax items in accordance with service Agencies pay 5% sales tax. In the declaration of VAT, because of A Company B Company issued a VAT invoice for the original amount is based on the two sides agreed price (excluding fares) issued, so, B Company became part of the fare sales of TV The value-added, value added to 854.70 yuan, therefore, B part of the company need to increase VAT 145.30 yuan (854.7 脳 17%).

Second, increase sales tax planning

(A) the trustees for the general taxpayer

Can be seen from the case, if the consignee in accordance with the Client the agreed price of foreign sales, then only pay sales tax on fee income; if the entrusted increase sales, apart from Xuan contract fee income to pay sales tax outside part of its fare increase needed revenue into the consignment business, together with VAT. Thus, in the commissioned sales agency business, the trustee shall as far as possible in accordance with the Client's requested price of foreign sales, if the possibility of fare increases should be in consultation with the client side to improve Consigned prices as far as possible in consultation with the client side to improve consignment fee of charges, will not only ensure that no unauthorized price increases due to the high tax burden of the VAT paid, you can also make the overall tax burden on lower sales agency business.

Described as case, B will the selling price of each TV without authorization to increase by 100 yuan, the B part of the company should pay the VAT increase was 145.30 yuan. If B in consultation with A Company, will raise the price of each TV company as a sales agency in part by A fee will be refunded, the consignment fee will increase each TV 100, the B company collected more than 1,000 yuan consignment fees required to pay sales tax only 50, compared to the previous way of reducing the tax burden on many shows its superiority in the tax burden.

However, the need to explain that as the value-added tax deduction chain constraints, if the consignee in order to reduce their tax burden and the requirement part of the Client to increase the combined sales of goods to be open, according to the original cost of VAT, If the increase of 100 yuan each, B will increase the company requested A part of 1,000 yuan into the consignment of goods be open, according to the total original VAT invoices, you will definitely increase the tax burden on the Client (an increase of the amount of for the 10 脳 100 脳 17% / 1.17 = 145.30 dollars), but also to increase the distribution of some interest. Thus, both principal and the trustees and the general taxpayers of the tax is collected by the normal circumstances, the consignee in accordance with the above method to achieve the lowest tax burden of conflicts will inevitably arise with the client side, when the trustees should be in consultation with the commission, and seek win-win balance. In addition, if the Client can not be opened for small-scale taxpayers, according to VAT, as far as possible, please entrust the entrusted party to the tax authorities issue special VAT invoices to ensure that their consignment of goods to the normal input tax deduction.

(B) the trustees for the small-scale taxpayers

Commercial Enterprises in the consignee for the small-scale taxpayers, while the commissioning party for the general taxpayer, the situation has undergone great changes. At this point, if both parties, will charge a fee to change the way the sales agency for the buyout means deemed that the Client for the remuneration of the trustees in the form of fees paid to the trustee party to the settlement prices of goods on consignment discount ( Suppose the consignee external sales price established), the trustee will charge a fee income side reflected in the form of goods into the net price realized.

If the above case, A will pay consignment fee way to charge directly in the settlement price will be deducted, that is, according to 2240 yuan / sets the price the company sells to B, no additional fee to pay. Thus, the A company, as sales fell 1,000 yuan, their value-added output tax will be reduced accordingly 145.30 yuan (1000 脳 17% / 1.17 = 145.30 million). Even if the commission side with the small-scale taxpayers will pay less VAT in accordance with the rate (such as A company is a manufacturing enterprise, the collection rate was 6% less satisfied VAT tax is 1000 脳 6% / 1.06 = 56.6 yuan); while for B firms, it is 1,000 yuan per 100 yuan total amount will be reflected in the sales of goods (the eventually adopted to achieve the net price of goods), only the rate by 4% VAT 38.46 yuan, compared with fee income by way of payment of sales tax (50) of the tax burden dropped by 23.08%. Therefore, the consignee for the case of small-scale taxpayers, the above approach is very beneficial to both parties.


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Monday, October 18, 2010

Lei Jun said Kingsoft feeling lonely after the listing

Lei Jun said Kingsoft's staff in the wealth of 100 million people, tens of millions of people to have a dozen.

Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun actually use the "lonely" to describe the company's most profound feelings after the listing, the company listed in the journey to go hard 8 years, the impact of the three stock markets at home and abroad, in the hope that the suffering of pain and despair wait, but also carried the banner of national software and assume the role of confrontation with Microsoft.

However, the Jinshan finally sought after by investors, the concept is still new online game, Lei Jun does not deny that this confirms the general software industry, China's embarrassment. But he said "WPS will stick," and will not repeat Jinshan Road after previous heavy.

"My experience can do IPO Advisory"

Reporter: Jinshan preparation for the listing of 8 years, few companies through the listing process so not ring true.

Lei Jun: When I saw the stock prices really jump, the first feeling is that eventually can no longer answer when Jinshan listing this rotten problem. To market, we A shares, the Nasdaq and Hong Kong stock market have made several attempts, my experience and even more to be done for other companies IPO consulted.

Reporter: finally listed, you should feel relieved, right?

Lei Jun: As for myself, the feeling after the listing is called lonely, through hope, disappointment, and then hope and finally to despair ... ... finally successful, the feeling of the moment can only be called lonely.

Reporter: How many employees realize in the end the myth of wealth?

Lei Jun: a million to more than 100 people, tens of millions of people can have a dozen. Really want to thank the shareholders, and give employees the option Tandao this year, according to market value of 108 million on the former operator. This is the expected half-year profit ah, shareholders have actually agreed. Would also like to thank the chairman and founder of Cheung Shuen Lung Qiu Bojun, us 16 years, China's IT industry, at least unique in the history of Zhongguancun.

"Gold Peak is like dancing with handcuffs and leg irons"

Reporter: But you do all the things, the evaluation in the industry more of a "hard", "hard", as if no one from the Jinshan's accomplishments regarded as a classic.

Lei Jun: This year has special fire post called "Why did not reach the peak of Jinshan," I have been very silent on this, but decided to respond. Why can not peak, the most difficult times, carrying tens of millions of NT dollars on it, but to have half of the R & D personnel R & D in WPS, the strength of this year 1 billion U.S. dollars, and called Microsoft Office to more than R & D, how to achieve peak.

Q: how do you explain to investors WPS - China's first office software, but without any premium on the company?

Lei Jun: We do back off a heavy burden, in order listed, to maintain good profits every year, not loss, business development can not be free to try. But WPS also insist, with shackled like to dance, how to reach the peak. Moreover, today China is not a universal software company to IPO, may still persist in Jinshan.

Reporter: In contrast, the concept of online games is indeed much more useful to light.

Lei Jun: online games is being sought after, but investors do not underestimate the importance of Kingsoft's software business, road show when there are at least five institutional investors only asked me the software business. And even if the software company's revenues account for only 1 / 3, the absolute number of either. Genuine rates rising, the software, the worst is over.

"The most bitter days of the past"

Reporter: Jinshan threw away the burden of financial stress, will also throw away the burden of the national software, or banner?

Lei Jun: WPS will persist as long as Jinshan Jinshan is also called, we will not change the responsibility of the original, I told staff that this piece of business or can not make money.

Reporter: with investors also say so? If the capital market only recognizes the concept of your online games, the stock fell how do you do?

Lei Jun: First of all, the development of WPS and drug tyrants is not bad, we even have entered the market in Japan and Vietnam, but they need more time. In addition, the most bitter days are gone. The eyes of the stock market is relatively short-term, long senior told me not to stare at the total price.

Reporter: With more money, which will give priority to the development of a business?

Lei Jun: software and game revenues now account for about 1 / 3 and 2 / 3, the next two years under normal circumstances, this ratio should not change. In addition, our staff reserve funds will be used, for example to expand research and development teams. October, no staff assigned to the option will collectively pay.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To work without selection, the problem you thought about it?

It was no work, no work to do. University graduates who now is the season to find a job, many graduates of the special recruitment will also be held continuously, can the one hand, many students complained about the increasing difficulty in finding the other hand, has to find the right company talent and frustration.

This year, the College Expansion in China after the second peak year of graduate employment, Zhejiang Province, a total of 12.7 million full-time graduate students, compared with 93,000 in 2003 increased by 3.4 million, plus various types of secondary school, Zikao , adult education graduates are expected to exceed 20 million total. Source of graduates this year, a total of 3551 people Xiaoshan Sheng, an increase in the number of last year. In the severe employment situation, graduates find jobs in our region underscores two major contradictions: first, professional dislocation.鎴戝尯浼佷笟瀵瑰伐绉戠被姣曚笟鐢熼渶姹傞噺杈冨ぇ锛岃?鍥炶惂灞辩殑姣曚笟鐢熷熀鏈互鏂囩绫讳负涓伙紝瀵艰嚧姣曚笟鐢熼毦浠ユ壘鍒颁笓涓氬鍙g殑宸ヤ綔銆?Second, college graduates expectations too high to meet its employment needs.

It is understood that our region produces each year about 3,500 college graduates, about 1 / 3 of college graduates in the field of employment after graduation, some students need more than 2,000 local digestion. To do college graduates employment, the district personnel departments take active measures to guide college graduates employment.

First, this year's hiring of civil servants and public institutions in the recruitment of staff, candidates try to give priority to the process of membership in Xiaoshan graduates.

Second, through the Session in the form of free exchange, as no fresh college graduates, the employment structure of employment platform.

Third, graduates of the family particularly difficult to recommend priorities and policies to the extent permitted to help in guiding them to employment.

In the July 11 session of Xiaoshan Sheng held for the 2004 graduates of special recruitment at the source, based platform to enterprise-based recruitment, but many graduates are not interested in working on into the business, knowing that many college graduates into the organs and institutions of work not much hope, but still on the sidelines to achieve first-time job, and some would rather stay at home and was unwilling to enterprises.

District Personnel Bureau, a responsible person, with the continuous development of Xiaoshan industrial enterprises, enterprises have become the main employers of the absolute, but many college graduates were significantly less to adapt to this reality, their position is not accurate enough, it was even non-public institutions not to enter this man-made employment difficult.

Experts Recommend words: secondary vocational school graduates just entering the campus community to the future with the hopes and vision, this is a good thing, but must face the reality we face the severe employment situation and fierce competition in the market - after all, , desire is one thing, the reality is just one issue. Not too much to expect smooth sailing in the course of employment with one step, to give up some ambitious, unrealistic fantasy, set up employment before choosing career and business ideas.涔嬫墍浠ュ皢鈥滃氨涓氣?涓ゅ瓧鏀惧湪鈥滄嫨涓氣?鍓嶉潰锛屽彧鎯宠〃鏄庯細鎷╀笟杩滄瘮灏变笟瑕佽壈闅惧緱澶氾紝鍙湁鍏堝浼氬氨涓氾紝鎵嶄細鏈夋洿澶氱殑璧勬湰鍘绘嫨涓氥? The inexperienced, the "chopsticks" not yet in place, too many choosers is clearly a lack of grasp of their own performance.


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First job after training

In less than half that in 2006 university graduates took the time to work, there are 4.13 million graduates this year. This not only brings the traditional job market pressure, particularly fresh graduates without work experience, even ran their legs are hard to find a suitable job.

College graduates tight

Resume in hand, full of expectations, came in a few vast "queues" in waiting for a short interview, which took place in Beijing in a real college students at the special recruitment scenarios.

"I studied law undergraduate, graduate this year from last summer to now, I have run dozens of job fairs, but others do not undergraduate students, is too I do not have work experience, sad to say! I have the status of students and I am almost. "scene said a job seeker. Job this year with his final year as students need to Beijing alone there are 18.2 million people.

Now once the darlings of the Ivory Tower down one such situation how? Education experts believe that this phenomenon is directly related to university education system, lack of job skills, students, businesses would not want to receive. On the contrary, high-skill, high-level personnel demand is still quite large, especially in fast-growing game industry, every day, hundreds of thousands of online game companies and mobile games company in the hire and the appropriate personnel has been in short supply.

Company personnel demand "real" not "high"

According to the Beijing Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau statistics, 34% because no suitable staff jobs matching the waste; that 25% of job seekers find suitable jobs. Why is so difficult to match supply and demand? Reason for that is that modern enterprises pay attention to employment to achieve "real" not "high."

"Because of the enterprises, both professional theory, but also professional skills, can make a contributor to the development of enterprises is talent, no matter how educated." A Beijing-based game company human resources manager, says Mr Lee.

End of the day, not by the company welcomed the graduates, the key lies in his lack of job skills and master the skills, the work will take the initiative to find a good home. This game is the most convincing examples of school. Intellectual Technology Co., Ltd. from Beijing Halls School launch the game project (, since May 2005 graduates coming on so far, students have become the major game companies in hot demand, many of whom are internationally renowned foreign game companies have campus students even before graduation, had been business "book" one empty.

Employment, vocational training courses for first meeting

State why the formal university graduates seeking jobs, but social and professional training on the road than a living? "University graduates completed a quality education is the lack of job skills, vocational training, if the make up the lesson, that job much easier." Industry gave away the secret. Yes, vocational education students to provide fresh new employment opportunities.

Huizhong Puzzle president Lee ST, said: more than 50% of students are students who just graduated from college, some university degree, but he used the weekend to class, hoping to enter the games industry, find a good job.

From this, new graduates find work with Pao Duantui than starting from improving their vocational skills, vocational training, participate in the game. Only academic education and vocational education to effectively integrate and achieve personal qualities and professional competence of the perfect combination in order to fundamentally solve the difficult problem of employment students.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flash game production - memory game

Friends, would like to test your memory about it? Do not bother to find those boring questions themselves, we can use Flash MX to create a fun memory test game, can entertain themselves, but also study their own memory.

This memory game is shown, the game interface is simple, but playing well is not easy, unless you have a good memory. It's probably more familiar with all games are played, the game 12 of the same disc, each disc is hidden below a pattern, 12 patterns 22 were six pairs of the same, but the game is aimed at the fastest Open the disk speed to find the same pattern completion. The design concept of this game is that when the mouse clicks to open a continuous matrix of the two discs, the pattern of the before and after the show to judge, if the same patterns are removed from the matrix pattern and the above two disks, if different the pattern with a disc will re-cover, and this test everyone on the location of each pattern memory, only accurately identify all of the six pairs of images, the game be considered victory. The pattern shows the effect of production and cover up is very simple animation using Motion transition on the line, and determine whether or not the same pattern is carried out with the Action.

Flash Memory Game (9s51.tif)

Here we learn how to make this game, concrete steps are as follows (Editor's note: In order to facilitate the Flash beginners, this Flash game and its source files can be downloaded in, we can modify . fla file to quickly create a memory game with their own style).

1. We need to prepare 6 different patterns, they can find any, but some of the best color and shape with similar patterns, so playing up only confusing, difficult to improve the player's resolution to enhance the game fun. Here we prepared as shown in 6 different designs, import them into Flash, were kept for six graphic symbols (Graphic).

6 different patterns (9s52.tif)

2. We have to prepare a game disc cover image patterns, this can draw their own, but its size should be slightly larger than the previous step we use patterns in order to be able to completely cover them. To this disk image into Flash, it saved as a button symbol (Button).

Disk graph (9s53.tif)

3. In the game, due to the show to find a pair of each disk and the remaining patterns on the number, it needs to make six figures. Figure were produced from 1 to 6 of graphic symbols (Graphic).

6 different digital map (9s54.tif)

4. Now we must make the game disc and animation design, and the corresponding animation major players in the various mouse operations such as select, click and so on. Pattern in which six pairs of animation production is the same, so we tell them this is only a pair of production.

First of all, in Flash, create a new movie clip symbol, named balls1. Under the symbol editor of the new two layers, the first layer in the first 7 to 11 set up disk to nothing in the motion by the animation, in the first 21 to 25 set up disk from the non- Motion to some animation. In the second layer in the first 7 to 12 to establish a pattern animation from none to some, from 13 to 20 to establish a pattern of amplification results, from 20 to 25 established a pattern of motion by a to no effect.

Animated timeline (9s56.tif)

Using the same method to build two new layers, according to the above steps to produce exactly the same motion effect, however, the location of disc and patterns with the above different (position we custom), preferably in a rectangular range of 4 脳 3 inside.

4 脳 3 rectangular area (9s55.tif)

Then we give the animation to add Action.

Create a new layer, named timeline, this game is all of the Action are concentrated in this layer, to facilitate editing and modification.

In the first one to add as to gotoAndStop (5);

file / / skip the first five, followed by the first five we should add "stop ();", beginning of the game is stopped.

In the first two added as the gotoAndStop (3);

In the first three add as for the stop ();

In the first four to add as to gotoAndStop (3);

Add in five as the stop ();

In the first six to add as to gotoAndStop (5);

Respectively 12 and 31 added as for the stop ();

file / / run this game frame stop playing.

tellTarget ("../ balls3 ") (

nextFrame ();


tellTarget ("../ balls4 ") (

nextFrame ();


tellTarget ("../ balls5 ") (

nextFrame ();


tellTarget ("../ balls6 ") (

nextFrame ();


tellTarget ("../ balls7 ") (

nextFrame ();



file / / first were the designated "main scenario" in the balls3 to ball7 5 Movie clip, and then run separately for each Movie clip current frame of the next frame.

Respectively 13 and 32 insert the key frame, and then add the following Action.

play ();

file / / video frames continue to run this play.

tellTarget ("../ balls3 ") (

nextFrame ();


tellTarget ("../ balls4 ") (

nextFrame ();


tellTarget ("../ balls5 ") (

nextFrame ();


tellTarget ("../ balls6 ") (

nextFrame ();


tellTarget ("../ balls7 ") (

nextFrame ();


file / / are designated for the main scene balls3 to ball7 5 Movie clip, run each Movie clip current frame of the next frame.

Respectively 25 and 44 added as the gotoAndStop (5);

Respectively 58 and 77 add the following as.

tellTarget ("../ balls8 ") (

nextFrame ();


file / / balls8 Mc num is the instance name, used to control the game disc on the number of remaining changes, skip to the next frame when the figure by 1.

Respectively 63 and 82 added as the gotoAndStop (3);

Where all of the above as the added frame is not random, but with the disc and the pattern where all the frames corresponding to Motion, so as to call the game different Motion.

Finally, in accordance with the above methods, then the production from balls2 to balls6 the other five similar Movie clip video clips, difference is the pattern behind each pair of disk Otherwise the same.

5. Here we have to make a few changes in mind the effect. First create a new Movie clip movie clip, insert the six key frames, respectively, well ahead of the six digital symbols by inverse continued into the first keyframe 1 to 6 (the first key frame 1 put the number 6 ... ... 6 key frame put the number 1). Then add a layer named timeline, the same key frame insertion of six consecutive, and to each key frame are added Action to "stop ();", to run into each video frame are stopped.

Count changes in the timeline (9s57.tif)

6. The following is the game to make the main control Movie clip video clips, this video clip for the overall control. Create a Movie clip movie clip, named "the main movie." Movie clip in the movie clip into the editing state, the new six layers, respectively, to do a good job in front of the balls1 to balls6 were placed on six patterns among the six layers, arranged in a rectangular 4 脳 3 square .

4 脳 3 rectangular matrix (9s58.tif)

Add a new layer, the symbol num onto the editing area on the right place, at the first frame add the Action to "play ();", final timeline will be extended to all layers to seven.

Overall control of the time line (9s59.tif)

7. Now the final task - the layout of the main scene. Very simple, just the movie clip Movie clip "main movie" onto the main scene in the right place on it, and then save the file, run the test and export. Swf file.

Test game (9s10.tif)

This point, a simple and fun games on Flash memory, well, if you are interested, you can increase it based on features, such as increasing the number of games in the pattern of the increase or limit functions in mind when . Said the first few, quick start game!


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Friday, July 30, 2010

Violet red orange Huanglv Qing, who hold Coloured Ribbons in the sky dance

Description: July 18, 2003, the Qingdao Economic and Trade Commission, Qingdao Associated Group's "information technology demonstration projects in Qingdao and Qingdao Double Peach Fine Chemicals (Group) Co., Ltd. Kingdee K/3ERP implementation of the identification of acceptance will be" smooth. From China National Chemical Information Center, Tsinghua University, Qingdao Science and Technology Commission, Computer Association, Software Association and Qingdao University of famous experts and scholars gathered together and jointly Qingdao Double Peach Fine Chemicals (Group) Kingdee K/3ERP acceptance of project implementation were identified. This is my project as a pair of peach ERP implementation Fangjing Li, made at the meeting as guests record their experiences.

Qingdao Double Peach Fine Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as double peach) is the dye industry, large enterprise, established in 1999 restructured, was formerly founded in 1919, Qingdao dye.
In order to quickly adapt to new market after accession to WTO situation, the enterprise management integration with the international management model, to shorten the development cycle of new products, reduce product cost, increase efficiency, improve the overall efficiency and core competitiveness, two peaches in 2002 Implementation began in early K/3ERP.
Kingdee company as project manager sent, and the implementation of our two consultants together for over a year were double peach. In the past more than a year, the pair of Peach's leadership, the project team members and business are the backbone of a concerted effort to do this project step by step effect today, as an old enterprise, state-owned enterprises in the implementation of two-peach initiative, courage to take risks that I assume responsibility for the spirit of this "consultant" was very moving.
Here I would like to talk about cooperation in the beginning and two peach made the entire project of the advantages and disadvantages; implementation is how the applications through the products to meet the actual needs of enterprises; and then introduce our method and implementation used to determine the implementation of the strategy; Finally, implementation of lessons learned to be a simple introduction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of co-operation at the beginning

We first analyze the industry characteristics and business management difficulties, to see whether the implementation of ERP solution. Then analyzed the business situation, identify the ERP implementation can take advantage of factors.
Analysis of industry characteristics and time management difficulties, including:
Product specifications and diverse. Double standards in the Peach Products in "more than 100 varieties of seven categories," available if the order into the ERP species, that also according to the percentage content, quality standards, packaging conditions and other factors detailed distinction;
Morphological diversity of materials stored, and many liquid materials stored in the workshop, difficult to manage;
Measurement of both raw materials and finished goods of industrial capacity, the amount of points per pack, storage and transportation during the production run, output measures have some degree of difficulty;
The quality of color have different batches, strict batch management;
Manual control mode production processes will lead to bad quality between batches, the yield substantial changes required for production tasks, processes, strict cost control.
Domestic stock-oriented production, export orders for the production;
Not the old work flow smooth handling of signatures of people, the responsibility is not clear enough;
Employees older, less computer basics.
We both also on the understanding of the situation analysis of the advantages of this project:
Number one attention, personal Shuaidui visit clients, actively trained and hired from outside experts as project manager;
Project manager with extensive management experience, proficient knowledge of theory and practice of ERP had success in other large state-owned enterprises over the implementation of ERP systems;
Project group and the backbone of all the main departments require the full protection of the project, working in the project conflicts with the daily operation and project priority issue.
Staff morale. Staff confidence in leadership, there is pride in the enterprise, promising to pay a corporate spirit of dedication.
Management tradition. Management experience accumulated over the years.
We also attach great importance to high-level, vice president, implementation director of great concern to ensure that problems are identified can be solved in time;
Our implementation team. On-site implementation team, including division vice president of consultant, branch manager and other services to implement the backbone of the direct application of fundamental problems relevant consultant consulting headquarters.

Product application

We see double peach ERP system uses the module, the module is in front of us talked about how to solve those problems.
1, selling some. Sales is the leading business, two peach sales facing the country, they have a direct user agents, there are other places in the distribution system warehouse management. System module solution through the sale of receiving orders, invoicing, warehouse shipping notice, product flow analysis, sales statistics and other issues; through the recovery of accounts receivable module to resolve payment and remittance is expected, customer credit analysis, the performance of payment, statistics, bad debt management problem; solution through the application of remote inventory modules, warehouse management, time inventory inquiry.
2, the production part.鐢熶骇绠$悊鏄疎RP瀹炴柦涓殑闅剧偣锛屽ソ鍦ㄥ弻妗冪殑閰嶆柟鍜屽伐鑹虹鐞嗗熀纭?兘鐩稿綋濂斤紝鍘熸潵鎵嬪伐鐨勭敓浜х粺璁′篃闈炲父鍒颁綅锛屽疄鏂戒腑鏇村鐨勬槸璁╁ぇ瀹朵簡瑙RP鐨勫伐浣滃師鐞嗗拰鏂扮殑宸ヤ綔瑕佹眰銆傜郴缁熼?杩囪鍒掓ā鍧楃鐞嗛厤鏂广?娴嬬畻鑳藉姏闇?眰銆佸畨鎺掍富鐢熶骇璁″垝锛屽苟杩涜鐗╂枡闇?眰璁″垝鐨勮绠楋紝钀藉疄鍚勮溅闂寸殑鐢熶骇浠诲姟鍜屾姇鏂欐儏鍐碉紱閫氳繃杞﹂棿绠$悊妯″潡瑙e喅鐢熶骇浠诲姟鍗曠殑杩涘害姹囨姤锛屾寜宸ュ簭杩涜璐ㄩ噺妫?獙涓庣敓浜ф眹鎶ワ紝鎴愬搧璐ㄦ鍜屽畬宸ュ叆搴撴墜缁瓑闂銆?br />聽聽聽 3銆佹垚鏈鐞嗐?杩欐槸鍙屾ERP椤圭洰鐨勪竴涓寒鐐癸紝閫氳繃鎴愭湰妯″潡鐨勫簲鐢紝涓嶄絾瑙e喅浜嗗熀鏈殑鎴愭湰鏍哥畻锛岃繕瀹屾垚浜嗘爣鍑嗘垚鏈殑绠$悊浣撶郴銆傜郴缁熶腑浣跨敤鍒嗘娉曡繘琛屾垚鏈牳绠楋紝婊¤冻娴佺▼鍨嬬敓浜т紒涓氱殑鐗圭偣銆傞?杩囨爣鍑嗘垚鏈鐞嗗姛鑳斤紝瀹屾垚宸紓鍒嗘瀽锛屼娇浼佷笟鍙互鍙婃椂寰楀埌鍚勭被鎴愭湰宸紓锛堝鏂欏伐璐癸級涓暟閲忋?浠锋牸鐨勫奖鍝嶅洜绱犮?绯荤粺杩樺仛浜嗕竴浜涙垚鏈?鎬佸垎鏋愩?鎴愭湰棰勬祴绛夋柟闈㈢殑宸ヤ綔銆?br />聽聽聽 4銆佷緵搴旈儴鍒嗐?ERP鐨勪富瑕佸姛鑳戒箣涓?氨鏄檷浣庝紒涓氬湪閲囪喘銆佷粨鍌ㄧ幆鑺傜殑璧勯噾鍗犵敤銆傛垜浠?杩囪鍒掓ā鍧楃殑MRP璁$畻鑷姩鐢熸垚閲囪喘璁″垝锛涢?杩囬噰璐ā鍧楁潵鍙戝嚭閲囪喘璁㈠崟銆侀?鐭ヤ粨搴撴敹璐с?閫氱煡璐ㄦ閮ㄩ棬妫?獙銆佺‘璁ら噰璐彂绁ㄣ?杩涜浠锋牸涓庝緵璐ф儏鍐电殑鍒嗘瀽锛涢?杩囧簲浠樻ā鍧楄В鍐宠揣娆炬敮浠樸?浠樻棰勬祴鍜屼俊鐢ㄥ垎鏋愮瓑闂銆?br />聽聽聽 5銆佽川妫?儴鍒嗐?閫氳繃璐ㄦ鍔熻兘鐨勫簲鐢紝涓烘瘡绉嶅師鏂欍?涓棿浣撱?浜ф垚鍝佸埗瀹氫簡璐ㄦ鏂规锛屽澶栬喘鍏ュ簱銆佹垚鍝佸叆搴撱?宸ュ簭浜ゆ帴閮借璁板綍鍏惰川閲忕姸鍐碉紝閫氳繃璐ㄦ鎶ヨ〃鏌ヨ锛屽彲浠ュ渚涘簲鍟嗐?宸ヤ綔涓績杩涜璐ㄩ噺鍒嗘瀽銆?br />聽聽聽 6銆佷粨鍌ㄩ儴鍒嗭細杩欎篃鏄竴涓笌閿?敭銆佺敓浜с?閲囪喘銆佽储鍔¢兘绱у瘑鐩稿叧鐨勬牳蹇冮儴鍒嗐?鎴戜滑閫氳繃浠撳瓨妯″潡瑙e喅鍑哄叆搴撱?鐩樼偣銆佽皟鎷ㄧ殑鎿嶄綔锛岃繘琛屾渶楂樻渶浣庡瓨閲忔帶鍒躲?鎵瑰彿涓庝繚璐ㄦ湡鎺у埗銆侀厤濂楃鐞嗐?搴撻緞绠$悊銆佹棩鍧囩敤閲忋?璁㈣揣鎵归噺銆佽櫄浠撶鐞嗙瓑鏂归潰鐨勫鐞嗭紱閫氳繃瀛樿揣鏍哥畻妯″潡瑙e喅鏉愭枡鍏ュ簱鍑哄簱鎴愭湰璁$畻銆佺浉鍏虫槑缁嗗笎琛ㄧ敓鎴愩?涓庤储鍔¢儴鍒嗙殑鎺ュ彛闂銆?br />聽聽聽 7銆佽储鍔$鐞嗛儴鍒嗐?鍙屾鏄釜鍘嗗彶鎮犱箙鐨勫浗钀ヤ紒涓氾紝鑰佽处澶氥?鎴愭湰鏍哥畻澶嶆潅锛屽璐㈠姟閮ㄤ唤瑕佹眰闈炲父楂樸?鏃╁湪94銆?5骞村氨鏇剧粡瀹炴柦杩囪储鍔¤蒋浠讹紝浣嗗け璐ヤ簡锛屼篃缁欒储鍔¢儴闂ㄩ?鎴愪簡涓?畾鐨勫績鐞嗗帇鍔涖?鍥犳锛岃繖娆″疄鏂紼RP锛岃储鍔″拰鍏朵粬閮ㄩ棬闆嗘垚搴旂敤涔熸槸鎴戜滑鐨勫伐浣滈噸鐐逛箣涓??鎴戜滑閫氳繃鎬昏处銆佹姤琛ㄣ?鐜伴噾娴侀噺琛ㄧ瓑鍑犱釜妯″潡瑙e喅鍩烘湰璐﹁瘉琛ㄧ殑闂锛涢?杩囧簲鏀舵銆佸簲浠樻涓や釜妯″潡瑙e喅淇$敤绠$悊銆佷俊鐢ㄦ牳绠椼?鍥炴浠樻棰勬祴绛夌鐞嗗唴瀹广?杩樹娇鐢ㄤ簡宸ヨ祫銆佸浐瀹氳祫浜с?鐜伴噾銆佽储鍔″垎鏋愮瓑妯″潡瑙e喅鐩稿簲鐨勫姛鑳姐?

聽聽聽 瀹炴柦鏂规硶涓庡疄鏂界瓥鐣?br />
聽聽聽 椤圭洰娑夊強鐨勪汉澶氥?閮ㄩ棬澶氥?鑱岃兘澶氥?鍔熻兘澶氥?妯″潡澶氾紱鍚屾椂锛岄」鐩腑鍩硅銆佷汉鍛樼粍缁囥?鏁版嵁鏁寸悊绛夊悇椤瑰伐浣滃張鏈夊緢澶氬ご缁?鏂规硶鍜岀瓥鐣ュ綋鐒朵笉鍙皯锛岄?甯告垜浠妸濡備綍瀹夋帓骞舵墽琛屽疄鏂戒腑鐨勫悇椤逛换鍔$湅浣溾?鏂规硶鈥濓紝鎶婂疄鏂戒腑瀛板厛瀛板悗鐨勪紭鍏堢骇閫夋嫨鐪嬩綔鏄?绛栫暐鈥濄?
聽聽聽 瀹炴柦鏂规硶鈥斺?閲戣澏KINGFINGER(閲戞墜鎸?鍏瀹炴柦娉曘?鍏朵富瑕佹楠ゅ涓嬶細
聽聽聽 绗竴闃舵锛氶」鐩粍缁囥?杩欎竴闃舵鐨勫伐浣滃唴瀹逛富瑕佸寘鎷細鎴愮珛瀹炴柦缁勶紝钀藉疄缁撴瀯銆佷汉閫夊拰鐩稿叧鑱岃矗锛涘彫寮?惎鍔ㄥぇ浼氾紝缁熶竴鎬濇兂锛涘缓绔嬮」鐩?浣撳疄鏂借鍒掋?
聽聽聽 绗簩闃舵锛氱郴缁熷煿璁?钀藉疄鍩硅瀵硅薄銆佸煿璁唴瀹广?鍩硅璁″垝锛岃蒋纭欢绯荤粺瀹夎骞剁粍缁囧煿璁?鍊煎緱璇存槑鐨勬槸锛屽煿璁皢璐┛浜庢暣涓疄鏂借繃绋嬶紝鑰岃繖闃舵鐨勫煿璁伐浣滅浉瀵规洿澶氥?鏇撮噸瑕併?
聽聽聽 绗笁闃舵锛氱郴缁熷畾涔夈?瀹屾垚鐜版湁绯荤粺娴佺▼鏁寸悊锛屾柊娴佺▼瀹氫箟锛屽師鍨嬫祴璇曪紝鏂版祦绋嬬‘璁ょ瓑宸ヤ綔銆?br />聽聽聽 绗洓闃舵锛氭暟鎹噯澶囥?瀹屾垚鐗╂枡缂栫爜銆侀潤鎬佹暟鎹噯澶囥?
聽聽聽 绗簲闃舵锛氱郴缁熷垏鎹?浼氳瀹よ瘯鐐广?鍒濆鍖栥?绯荤粺鍒囨崲銆佸紑濮嬩娇鐢ㄦ柊绯荤粺銆?br />聽聽聽 绗叚闃舵锛氳繍琛岀淮鎶ゃ?涓昏瀹屾垚浼佷笟ERP绠$悊绯荤粺鐨勮瘎浠峰拰浼樺寲宸ヤ綔锛屽杩愯妫?祴锛涚户缁暀鑲插拰鍩硅锛涘疄鏂藉悗璇勪及锛?br />聽聽聽 鎴戜滑閲囧彇鐨勫疄鏂界瓥鐣ュ垯鏄細
聽聽聽 1銆佺嫚鎶撴暟鎹鐞嗐?寮鸿皟鎿嶄綔鑳藉姏锛涚郴缁熷眰灞傞?杩涳紝搴旂敤閫愭鎵╁睍銆?br />聽聽聽 2銆佺敱闈㈠埌鐐癸紝鐢辨槗鍒伴毦锛岀敱涓诲埌娆$殑瀹炴柦椤哄簭
聽聽聽 3銆佸叿浣撳疄鏂界瓥鐣ユ槸锛氱涓?湡瀹屾垚鏁翠釜鍏徃鐨勫惎鍔ㄣ?璋冪爺銆佹祦绋嬪畾涔夛紙鍖呮嫭缁濆ぇ閮ㄥ垎鐨勮储鍔℃ā鍧椼?閲囪喘銆侀攢鍞?搴撳瓨妯″潡锛夛紱绗簩鏈熷畬鎴愭槗鍑烘垚缁┿?鏈夋暟鎹姣斻?绱ц揩鎬ч珮鐨勭郴缁燂紙鍖呮嫭鎴愭湰鏍哥畻銆佺敓浜ц鍒掋?杞﹂棿绠$悊锛夛紱绗笁鏈熷湪涓婅堪绯荤粺鎴愬姛杩愯鐨勫熀纭?笂锛屽悜绾垫繁鎵╁睍锛堣竟瀹屾垚杈呭姪绯荤粺銆佽竟娣卞寲缁嗗寲绠$悊锛涘寘鎷爣鍑嗘垚鏈鐞嗐?浜哄姏璧勬簮绠$悊銆佽储鍔″垎鏋愭ā鍨嬬瓑锛?br />
聽聽聽 瀹炴柦杩囩▼涓庣粡楠屾暀璁?br />
聽聽聽 鍦ㄥ弻妗冪殑ERP椤圭洰寤鸿杩囩▼涓紝鎴戜滑绉疮浜嗕竴浜涘疄鏂藉弻鏂瑰伐浣滅殑绗竴鎵嬭祫鏂欙紝鐜板湪閫夋嫨鎴戜滑璁や负姣旇緝閲嶈鐨勭粡楠屽拰鏁欒涓庡ぇ瀹跺叡浜細
聽聽聽 1銆侀」鐩粍缁囬樁娈碉細
聽聽聽 闄や簡涓?妸鎵嬮噸瑙嗐?寮烘湁鍔涚殑瀹炴柦鐝瓙涔嬪锛屽弻妗冭繕浠庝紒涓氬寮曡繘鑷繁鐨勪笓瀹堕【闂仛瀹炴柦鐨勯噸瑕佽鑹诧紝鏃㈡湁瀹炴柦ERP鐨勭粡楠屽拰鑳藉姏锛屽張鏈変紒涓氬唴閮ㄤ汉鐨勮矗浠绘劅锛屼粬浠垚涓哄弻妗僂RP寤鸿鐨勯骞诧紝鍙屾涔熷氨鎴愪簡ERP寤鸿鐨勪富浜恒?
聽聽聽 鍙紑澹板娍娴╁ぇ鐨勯」鐩惎鍔ㄥぇ浼氥?闄や紒涓氬唴閮ㄤ汉鍛樺弬鍔犲锛屾斂搴滈瀵笺?閲戣澏楂樺眰涔熷弬鍔犱簡浼氳锛屽湪鏁翠釜浼佷笟閫犳垚寮?紦娌℃湁鍥炲ご绠殑澹板娍锛屽厖鍒嗘樉绀轰簡淇″績涓庡喅蹇冦?
聽聽聽 涓ヨ們椤圭洰璁″垝锛屽鎴愬憳銆佺紪鐮併?鍒囨崲鏃堕棿绛夎绱犲仛娣卞叆璁ㄨ銆?br />聽聽聽 2銆佺郴缁熷煿璁樁娈?br />聽聽聽 闅忔椂瀹夋帓鐜杩涜鍩硅銆傚煿璁渶瑕佺幆澧冿紝涓?埇鐨勪紒涓氭病鏈夐潪甯哥嫭绔嬨?瀹屾暣鐨勫煿璁潯浠躲?闅忕潃瀹炴柦璁″垝锛岃竟涔拌竟鍩硅銆佸煿璁畬鍐嶆姇鍏ュ簲鐢紝濡傛寰幆銆?br />聽聽聽 鐫d績浼佷笟鍐呴儴鐨勫熀纭?煿璁?
聽聽聽 鎶撲綇鏃舵満缁勭粐绯荤粺绠$悊鍛樺煿璁?绯荤粺绠$悊鍛樿亴璐i潪甯搁噸瑕侊紝浣嗗疄鏂戒腑瀹规槗琚拷鐣ワ紝浠栫殑鍩硅涔熶笉鏄惉璇捐兘鍚潵鐨勶紝浠庝竴寮?灏辨妸宸ヤ綔鍘嬬粰浠栵紝鍋氫簡灏辫浣忎簡锛屽仛浜嗗氨绛変簬鍩硅浜嗐?
聽聽聽 3銆佺郴缁熷畾涔?br />聽聽聽 闈㈠鎸戞垬锛屾暍浜庡彉闈╃幇鏈夋祦绋嬨?ERP涓嶈兘璺熺潃鎵嬪伐璧帮紝鏈変範鎯棶棰樸?鏈夊埄鐩婇棶棰橈紝涓嶈兘涓嶈?铏戯紝涔熶笉鑳藉叏鑰冭檻銆傚湪杩欎釜鐜妭涓紝涓?妸鎵嬨?椤圭洰缁忕悊鐨勪綔鐢ㄩ潪甯告槑鏄俱?
聽聽聽 鍙婃椂娌熼?锛屾竻鏅颁紶閫掓湭鏉ユ祦绋嬨?娴佺▼瀹氫箟瀹屼簡锛岃涓?鍙堜竴娆$殑鍩硅锛屾妸娴佺▼璐交涓嬪幓銆備笉浣嗚璁叉柊娴佺▼锛岃繕瑕佸強鏃跺叧闂棫鐨勬祦绋嬶紝璁╂棫鐨勫伐浣滄柟寮忚繍杞笉涓嬪幓銆?br />聽聽聽 鍏ㄩ潰鑰冭檻锛屾悶濂芥祦绋嬮厤濂楀伐鍏枫?鏂扮殑娴佺▼瑕侀厤鍚堟柊鐨勫崟鎹?鏂扮殑鎶ヨ〃锛屽浣曠敤銆佷綍鏃剁敤銆佸嵃鍒峰ソ杩樻槸鐩存帴鎵撳嵃锛岄兘闇?鎻愬墠鍑嗗銆?br />聽聽聽 4銆佹暟鎹噯澶?br />聽聽聽 瀵瑰熀纭?暟鎹紪鐮併?鍒嗙被鐨勫紩瀵笺?姣忎釜浼佷笟鍘熸潵閮芥湁鍙兘鏈夊悇绉嶇紪鐮佸拰鍒嗙被锛屽弻妗冧篃涓嶄緥澶栥?浣嗗師鏉ョ殑浣撶郴鏄拡瀵归儴闂ㄥ簲鐢ㄧ殑锛屾柊鐨勭郴缁熷彲鑳介渶瑕佺粺涓?捣鏉ワ紝灏遍渶瑕侀?褰撶殑寮曞锛屽お绻佺悙涓嶅埄浜庤緭鍏ュ拰璁板繂锛屽お绠?崟涓嶅埄浜庡垎绫诲拰鏌ヨ銆?br />聽聽聽 瀵规湡鍒濆?瑕佷粩缁嗘牳瀵广?澶ц儐鍐虫柇銆傚鏋滀紒涓氬師鏉ョ殑瀹炵墿銆佸悇涓儴闂ㄧ殑鏁版嵁鑳藉瀹屽叏涓?嚧锛孍RP涔熷氨娌¢偅涔堥噸瑕佷簡锛屼絾鏄鑼冨噯纭槸閫愭瀹屾垚鐨勶紝甯屾湜閫氳繃涓?鐩樼偣銆佷竴娆″璐﹁В鍐虫墍鏈夐棶棰樹篃鏄笉鍙兘鐨勩?绮剧‘鍒颁粈涔堢▼搴︼紵璇樊濡備綍澶勭悊锛熼渶瑕佹湁鍐冲績鍜岄瓌鍔涖?
聽聽聽 5銆佺郴缁熷垏鎹?br />聽聽聽 闄や簡鍒濆鏁版嵁锛岃繕鏈夊緢澶氳鍑嗗鐨勩?杩欎釜闃舵鐨勬牳蹇冮棶棰樻槸瀹屾垚鍒濆鍖栧惎鍔ㄧ郴缁熻繍琛屻?鍒氭墠鎻愬埌鍗曟嵁鍜屾姤琛紝鐩樼偣鏂规銆佹暟鎹皟鏁存柟妗堛?鍩硅绛夌瓑閮借鍒颁綅銆?br />聽聽聽 鍧﹁瘹鐩歌锛屽拰鐢ㄦ埛涓?捣瑙e喅闂锛涘強鏃跺弽棣堬紝椹笂鍩硅锛岀ǔ瀹氬啗蹇冦?闂鎬绘槸鏈夌殑锛屽彂鐜伴棶棰樺浣曞鐞嗭紵椹笂閫氱煡鐩稿叧浜哄憳锛岀Н鏋佽惤瀹炶В鍐冲姙娉曪紝鑰屼笖涓?畾瑕佽鐢ㄦ埛鍙備笌鍒拌В鍐抽棶棰樼殑闃熶紞涓潵銆?br />聽聽聽 6銆佽繍琛岀淮鎶?br />聽聽聽 鍙屾柟閮借缁х画鎶曞叆绮惧姏锛屾寔缁疮褰荤悊蹇靛苟鎺ㄥ姩搴旂敤鍚戠旱娣卞彂灞曘?
聽聽聽 鎱庨噸鐨勯?鎷╂椂鏈鸿繘琛岀増鏈崌绾э紝鍙屾浠庢渶鍒濆畨瑁呭埌鐜板湪涓?勾澶氱殑鏃堕棿閲岋紝K/3ERP灏忕増鏈厛鍚庡彂甯冧袱娆★紝鎴戜滑閮藉強鏃跺畨鎺掍簡鍗囩骇浠ヤ究璁╁ぇ瀹剁敤鍒版渶鏂扮殑鍔熻兘锛屼絾娌℃湁褰卞搷浼佷笟鐨勬甯稿伐浣溿?
聽聽聽 瀹炴柦鍒颁簡杩欎釜闃舵锛屽ぇ瀹剁殑鍔插皢鏉炬湭鏉句箣鏃讹紝璇蜂笓瀹朵负绯荤粺杩涜璇勪环銆傚簲鐢ㄥソ鐨勫湴鏂圭粰浠ヨ偗瀹氾紝缁欏ぇ瀹朵互淇″績鍜屾柊鐨勫笇鏈涳紱搴旂敤杩樺瓨鍦ㄩ棶棰樼殑鍦版柟锛屽強鏃舵敼姝c?

聽聽聽 闄勪欢锛氫笌浼氫笓瀹剁粡杩囦竴涓笂鍗堝惉鍙栦紒涓欿/3ERP椤圭洰瀹炴柦鐨勫伐浣滄眹鎶ャ?鎶?湳姹囨姤銆佺郴缁熻繍琛屾眹鎶ュ拰鐜板満鍕樺療锛屽鍙屾绮剧粏K/3ERP椤圭洰鍋氬嚭浜嗗涓嬬殑璇勪环锛?br />聽聽聽 鎻愪緵鐨勯壌瀹氶獙鏀舵潗鏂欓綈鍏ㄥ畬鏁淬?缁熶竴锛屾暟鎹彲闈狅紝鍙互浣滀负閴村畾楠屾敹渚濇嵁銆?br />聽聽聽 椤圭洰鍒楀叆闈掑矝甯傞噸鐐规妧鏈垱鏂伴」鐩鍒掞紙2002骞寸涓?壒锛夈?鎸夌収鎬讳綋瑙勫垝銆佸垎閮ㄥ疄鏂界殑鏂归拡锛岄噰鐢ㄩ噾铦跺叕鍙搞?閲戞墜鎸囧叚姝ュ疄鏂芥柟娉曘?锛屽椤圭洰缁勭粐銆佺郴缁熷煿璁?绯荤粺瀹氫箟銆佹暟鎹噯澶囥?绯荤粺鍒囨崲銆佽繍琛岀淮鎶ょ殑姣忎竴姝ラ锛岃繘琛屼簡璁ょ湡鍑嗗鍜屽疄鏂姐?瀹炵幇浜嗗唴瀹瑰叏闈?閫熷害蹇嵎銆佽川閲忎笂涔樸?鎴愭湰闄嶄綆鐨勭洰鏍囥?
聽聽聽 椤圭洰浠庡紑濮嬪疄鏂斤紝浼佷笟棰嗗浜茶嚜鎸傚竻锛岄攢鍞?鐢熶骇銆侀噰璐?璐ㄦ銆佽储鍔$瓑閮ㄩ棬绉瀬鍙備笌锛屽埄鐢ㄧ郴缁熸彁渚涚殑鏁板瓧淇℃伅锛屼负浼佷笟绠$悊鍜岀粡钀ュ喅绛栨彁渚涙敮鎸併?浼佷笟缁忚惀鑰呭拰绠$悊鑰呭凡缁忔垚涓轰俊鎭寲涓讳綋銆?br />聽聽聽 椤圭洰鏋勫缓鐨勪俊鎭綉缁滅幆澧冩?鑳藉彲闈犮?閫氳繃鏁版嵁鏈嶅姟鍣ㄣ?鏂囦欢鏈嶅姟鍣ㄥ拰鍏夌氦涓績锛屽疄鐜颁簡浼佷笟鍐呴儴淇℃伅闆嗘垚锛涢?杩嘩EB鏈嶅姟鍣ㄥ疄鐜颁簡鍐呴儴淇℃伅涓庡洜鐗圭綉鐨勯泦鎴愩?閲囩敤闃茬伀澧欏強闃茬梾姣掕蒋浠讹紝涓轰紒涓氫俊鎭寲瀹夊叏杩愯鎻愪緵浜嗕繚闅溿?
聽聽聽 椤圭洰鎴愬姛瀹炴柦浜嗛噾铦禟/3ERP绯荤粺鍜岄噾铦禣A绯荤粺锛屽疄鐜颁簡鐗╂祦銆佽祫閲戞祦銆佷俊鎭祦鐨勯泦鎴愶紝淇℃伅鍖栫缉鐭簡浜у搧鐨勫紑鍙戝懆鏈燂紝鎻愰珮浜嗚川閲忔帶鍒舵按骞炽?闄嶄綆浜嗘垚鏈?鍔犲己浜嗙敓浜ц鍒掓帶鍒躲?鎻愰珮浜嗚祫婧愬埄鐢ㄦ晥鏋滃拰甯傚満鍙嶅簲鑳藉姏銆?br />聽聽聽 椤圭洰瀹炴柦涓嫚鎶撲簡鈥滆嚜宸辩殑涓氬姟鑷繁鍋氣?鍜屸?鍗虫椂澶勭悊涓氬姟鈥濓紝纭繚浜嗙郴缁熸暟鎹俊鎭噯纭?鍙婃椂銆佸畬鏁达紝鍏呭垎鍒╃敤绯荤粺鎶ヨ〃瀵圭粡钀ヨ繃绋嬨?缁忔祹璐d换杩涜鎺у埗鍜岃?鏍搞?灏ゅ叾鍦ㄦ爣鍑嗘垚鏈帶鍒躲?璐圭敤棰勭畻鎺у埗銆佽川閲忓伐搴忚繃绋嬫帶鍒跺拰閿?敭棰勬祴鍒嗘瀽鏂归潰鏈夊垱鏂版?搴旂敤銆傞」鐩繕鍩瑰吇浜嗕竴澶ф壒鎳傜幇浠g鐞嗗拰淇℃伅鎶?湳鐨勫鍚堝瀷浜烘墠銆?br />聽聽聽 椤圭洰璁″垝鎬绘姇璧?00涓囧厓锛屽疄闄呮?鎶曡祫240涓囧厓锛屽叾涓潚宀涘競鏀垮簻淇℃伅鍖栧甫鍔ㄥ伐涓氬寲琛ュ姪璧勯噾30涓囧厓鐢ㄤ簬閮ㄥ垎纭欢鍜岃蒋浠剁殑璐疆锛屽叾涓舰鎴愬浐瀹氳祫浜у疄鐜版姇璧?30涓囧厓銆傞」鐩畬鎴愭姇鍏ヨ繍琛屽悗锛屾柊浜у搧寮?彂鍛ㄦ湡缂╃煭涓?崐浠ヤ笂锛屽紑鍙戣垂鐢ㄩ檷浣?%锛屼細璁℃姤琛ㄧ紪鍒舵湡鐢?3澶╃缉鐭负3澶╋紝鍚屾椂閮ㄥ垎宀椾綅鐨勪汉鍛樺緱鍒扮簿鍑忋?浠婂勾涓婂崐骞达紝鏂颁骇鍝佺殑涓婂競鍝佺杈冨幓骞村悓鏈熷闀?5%锛屾柊浜у搧鍗犻攢鍞敹鍏ョ殑姣旈噸鍚屾瘮澧炲姞12%锛屼紒涓氬鍔犻攢鍞敹鍏?235涓囧厓锛屽鍔犵粡娴庢晥鐩?90涓囧厓銆?br />聽聽聽 涓撳涓?嚧璁や负璇ラ」鐩鍒掑悎鐞嗭紝閲囩敤鐨勬妧鏈厛杩涘疄鐢紝缁撳悎浼佷笟涓氬姟娴佺▼鍐嶉?锛屽疄鐜颁簡浼佷笟淇℃伅鍖栫殑棰勬湡鐩爣锛岀粡娴庢晥鐩婂拰绀句細鏁堢泭鏄捐憲锛屼紒涓氬湪璇ラ」鐩疄鏂借繃绋嬩腑鍒涢?鐨勭粡楠屽叿鏈夌ず鑼冨拰鎺ㄥ箍浠峰?锛屽叾缁煎悎搴旂敤鏁堟灉杈惧埌鍥藉唴鍏堣繘姘村钩锛屽悓鎰忛?杩囬壌瀹氬拰楠屾敹銆?br />聽聽聽 寤鸿浼佷笟鎸夌収鏁翠綋瑙勫垝銆佸垎姝ュ疄鏂界殑鍘熷垯锛岃繘涓?瀹屽杽浼佷笟淇℃伅鍖栫殑鍏朵粬鐜妭銆?br />聽聽聽 缁忚繃閴村畾锛屼笓瀹剁粍鎴愬憳浠櫘閬嶈涓洪潚宀涘弻妗冪簿缁嗗寲宸ワ紙闆嗗洟锛変笌閲戣澏杞欢鍏卞悓鍚堜綔鐨勯噾铦禟/3ERP绯荤粺涓庡弻妗冪簿缁嗙殑涓氬姟娴佺▼缁撳悎鑹ソ锛岃繍琛屾甯稿苟寮?閫愭鍙戞尌缁忔祹鏁堢泭锛岃揪鍒颁簡瀹炴柦鍓嶇殑鐩爣,鍏锋湁鍦ㄥ埗閫犱笟淇℃伅鍖栬繃绋嬩腑鎺ㄥ箍鐨勪环鍊笺?


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dialog box for further study

We will further study this course in the dialog box. In particular, we will explore how the dialog box as the input device. If you learn a lesson, it will find an example of this lesson is only a small amount of change, that is, the dialog window of our subsidiary to the main window. In addition, we also study the use of common dialog boxes.


The dialog box as an input device to use is really very simple, you create the main window, you just call the function CreatedialogParam or DialogBoxParam on it, before a function so long as the process in the dialog box handler can handle the message , which you must insert a paragraph in the message loop function IsDialogMessage call it logic to handle the keyboard keys. Because these two are relatively easy to program segment, we would not Xiangjie. You can download and study carefully.

Here we discuss the common dialog box. WINDOWS have been ready for your pre-defined dialog box class, you can put on the use of these common dialog boxes available to users with a unified interface. They include: open the file, print, choose colors, fonts, and searching. You should try to use them. To deal with these dialog code comdlg32.dll, in order to in your application to use them, you must link library files in the link stage comdlg32.lib. Then you can call one of the correlation function. Open File common dialog box for the function called GetOpenFileName, "Save as ..." dialog box for the GetSaveFileName, print common dialog box is PrintDlg, etc.. Each of these functions takes a pointer to point to a structure parameter, you can refer to the WIN32 API manual for detailed information, this lesson I will explain the creation and use of open file dialog box.
Here is the prototype of the Open dialog box function GetOpenFileName:

GetOpenFileName proto lpofn: DWORD
You can see that the function has only one parameter, that is, a pointer pointing to OPENFILENAME structure. When the user selects a file and open, the function returns TRUE, otherwise returns FALSE. Next we look at the definition of structure OPENFILENAME:

lStructSize DWORD?
hwndOwner HWND?
hInstance HINSTANCE?
lpstrFilter LPCSTR?
lpstrCustomFilter LPSTR?
nMaxCustFilter DWORD?
nFilterIndex DWORD?
lpstrFile LPSTR?
nMaxFile DWORD?
lpstrFileTitle LPSTR?
nMaxFileTitle DWORD?
lpstrInitialDir LPCSTR?
lpstrTitle LPCSTR?
Flags DWORD?
nFileOffset WORD?
nFileExtension WORD?
lpstrDefExt LPCSTR?
lCustData LPARAM?
lpfnHook DWORD?
lpTemplateName LPCSTR?
Well, let us look at the structure in the common meaning of members:

lStructSize structure OPENFILENAME size.
hwndOwner Open dialog box has a handle of the window.
hInstance has the file open dialog application instance handle.
lpstrFilter to NULL at the end of one or more wildcard. Wildcards are in pairs, the first part of description, the last part is the wildcard format, such as:
FilterString db "All Files (*.*)", 0, "*.*", 0
db "Text Files (*. txt)", 0, "*. txt", 0,0
Note: Only the second part of each pair is required to filter WINDOWS selected files, and the other after the part you must place a 0 to indicate the end of the string.

nFilterIndex open file dialog box to specify when the first open string with the filter, the index is counted from a beginning, that is a wildcard pattern of the index is 1, the second is 2, for example, the example above If specified the value of 2, then the default display mode is string "*. txt".
lpstrFile need to open the file name of the address, the name will appear in the Open File dialog box, edit control, the buffer can not exceed 260 characters long, when the user opens the file, the buffer contains all the files path name, you can extract from the buffer you need a path or file name and other information.
nMaxFile lpstrFile size.
lpstrTitle point dialog title string.
Flags mark the decision of the dialog box determines the style and features.
nFileOffset the user opens a file, the value is the full path name of the file name points to the index of first character. For example: If the full path name "c: windowssystemlz32.dll", then the value is 18.
nFileExtension the user opens a file, the value is the full path name pointing to a file extension of the first character of the index.

The following example, we have demonstrated that when the user selects "File-> Open", it will pop up a dialog box to open the file, when the user selects a file to open, it will pop up a dialog box, told to open the file full path name, file name and file extension.
. Model flat, stdcall
option casemap: none
WinMain proto: DWORD,: DWORD,: DWORD,: DWORD
includelib masm32libuser32.lib
includelib masm32libkernel32.lib
includelib masm32libcomdlg32.lib

. Const
IDM_OPEN equ 1
IDM_EX99v equ 2
MAXSIZE equ 260

. Data
ClassName db "SimpleWinClass", 0
AppName db "Our Main Window", 0
MenuName db "FirstMenu", 0
FilterString db "All Files", 0 ,"*.*", 0
db "Text Files", 0, "*. txt", 0,0
buffer db MAXSIZE dup (0)
OurTitle db "-= Our First Open File Dialog Box =-: Choose the file to open", 0
FullPathName db "The Full Filename with Path is:", 0
FullName db "The Filename is:", 0
ExtensionName db "The Extension is:", 0
OutputString db OUTPUTSIZE dup (0)
CrLf db 0Dh, 0Ah, 0

. Data?
hInstance HINSTANCE?
CommandLine LPSTR?

. Code
invoke GetModuleHandle, NULL
mov hInstance, eax
invoke GetCommandLine
mov CommandLine, eax
invoke WinMain, hInstance, NULL, CommandLine, SW_SHOWDEFAULT
invoke ExitProcess, eax

WinMain proc hInst: HINSTANCE, hPrevInst: HINSTANCE, CmdLine: LPSTR, CmdShow: DWORD
mov wc.lpfnWndProc, OFFSET WndProc
mov wc.cbClsExtra, NULL
mov wc.cbWndExtra, NULL
push hInst
pop wc.hInstance
mov wc.hbrBackground, COLOR_WINDOW +1
mov wc.lpszMenuName, OFFSET MenuName
mov wc.lpszClassName, OFFSET ClassName
mov wc.hIcon, eax
mov wc.hIconSm, eax
invoke LoadCursor, NULL, IDC_ARROW
mov wc.hCursor, eax
invoke RegisterClassEx, addr wc
invoke CreateWindowEx, WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, ADDR ClassName, ADDR AppName,
hInst, NULL
mov hwnd, eax
invoke ShowWindow, hwnd, SW_SHOWNORMAL
invoke UpdateWindow, hwnd
invoke GetMessage, ADDR msg, NULL, 0,0
. BREAK. IF (! Eax)
invoke TranslateMessage, ADDR msg
invoke DispatchMessage, ADDR msg
mov eax, msg.wParam
WinMain endp

WndProc proc hWnd: HWND, uMsg: UINT, wParam: WPARAM, lParam: LPARAM
invoke PostQuitMessage, NULL
mov eax, wParam
. If ax == IDM_OPEN
mov ofn.lStructSize, SIZEOF ofn
push hWnd
pop ofn.hwndOwner
push hInstance
pop ofn.hInstance
mov ofn.lpstrFilter, OFFSET FilterString
mov ofn.lpstrFile, OFFSET buffer
mov ofn.nMaxFile, MAXSIZE
mov ofn.Flags, OFN_FILEMUSTEXIST or
mov ofn.lpstrTitle, OFFSET OurTitle
invoke GetOpenFileName, ADDR ofn
. If eax == TRUE
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, OFFSET FullPathName
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, ofn.lpstrFile
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, offset CrLf
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, offset FullName
mov eax, ofn.lpstrFile
push ebx
xor ebx, ebx
mov bx, ofn.nFileOffset
add eax, ebx
pop ebx
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, eax
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, offset CrLf
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, offset ExtensionName
mov eax, ofn.lpstrFile
push ebx
xor ebx, ebx
mov bx, ofn.nFileExtension
add eax, ebx
pop ebx
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, eax
invoke MessageBox, hWnd, OFFSET OutputString, ADDR AppName, MB_OK
invoke RtlZeroMemory, offset OutputString, OUTPUTSIZE
. Endif
. Else
invoke DestroyWindow, hWnd
. Endif
invoke DefWindowProc, hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam
xor eax, eax
WndProc endp
end start

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

mov ofn.lStructSize, SIZEOF ofn
push hWnd
pop ofn.hwndOwner
push hInstance
pop ofn.hInstance
We are here to fill structure of the members of the OPENFILENAME ofn variables.

mov ofn.lpstrFilter, OFFSET FilterString

Here FilterString the file filter string address, we specify the filter string is as follows:

FilterString db "All Files", 0 ,"*.*", 0
db "Text Files", 0, "*. txt", 0,0
Note: All model series are paired, one a description of the latter is the real model, sub-office "*.*" and "*. txt" is used to find matching WIONDOWS want to open documents. When can we can specify any mode, but do not forget to add 0 to represent the end of the string has ended, or your operation may be unstable in the dialog box.
mov ofn.lpstrFile, OFFSET buffer
mov ofn.nMaxFile, MAXSIZE

Here is the address of the buffer into the structure, the size must be set. Since we are free to edit the information returned in the buffer.

mov ofn.Flags, OFN_FILEMUSTEXIST or

Flags in the dialog box into the style and property value.
One OFN_FILEMUSTEXIST and OFN_PATHMUSTEXIST require the user to the edit control in the Open dialog box, enter the file name or path name must exist.
OFN_LONGNAMES tell the dialog box display long file names.
OFN_EXPLORER told WINDOWS dialog must look like Explorer.
OFN_HIDEREADONLY designated read-only files do not show (even if it is the extension of the filter mode).
In addition, there are many other flags, you can refer to the WIN32 API manual.

mov ofn.lpstrTitle, OFFSET OurTitle

Open File dialog box specify the title name.

invoke GetOpenFileName, ADDR ofn

GetOpenFileName function call, and pass a pointer to point to structure ofn.
At this time, open the file dialog box that come, GetOpenFileName function to wait until after the user selects a file will be returned, or when the user presses the CANCEL button or close the dialog box.
When the user selects to open a file, the function returns TRUE, otherwise returns FALSE.

. If eax == TRUE
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, OFFSET FullPathName
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, ofn.lpstrFile
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, offset CrLf
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, offset FullName

When the user selects to open a file, we will display a dialog box in a string, we first give OutputString variables to allocate memory, then call the PAI function lstrcat, with all the strings together, in order for these strings branches shows that we must add a line break the back of each string.

mov eax, ofn.lpstrFile
push ebx
xor ebx, ebx
mov bx, ofn.nFileOffset
add eax, ebx
pop ebx
invoke lstrcat, offset OutputString, eax

Above these lines may require some explanation. nFileOffset value equal to the full path name to open the file in the file name's first character in the index, as nFileOffset is a WORD type variable, and lpstrFile is a DWORD pointer shape, so we will have to deposit a conversion to nFileOffset the bottom byte ebx register, and then add to the eax register to get a pointer type DWORD.

invoke MessageBox, hWnd, OFFSET OutputString, ADDR AppName, MB_OK

We are in the dialog box display the string.

invoke RtlZerolMemory, offset OutputString, OUTPUTSIZE

In order to correctly display the next time, we must clear the buffer, we call the function RtlZerolMemory to do it.

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